Preliminary Draft

Initial studies.
Requirements, functional requirements, surfaces and locations.
Requirement File.
Project Definition
Calculations of technical and financial viability. Definition of the type of building or facility.

Schematic Design Phase

Drafts and initial implementation of the project. Creation of general plans, technical reports and budgets.
Application of legal requirements.

Certificates of urban compatibility: Spanish administrative process required to certify that the type of economic, industrial and/or business activity and/or format of building are viable (respecting municipal regulations applicable) in the intended location.

Design Development Phase

Civil Works and Facilities.
Writing of specifications.
Geotechnical and topographical studies.
Calculations and measurements.
Health and Safety project of the worksite.
Planning of the work.
Quality plan.
Preselecting of industrial suppliers and contractors.
Comparative study of the different quotations and offers.

Construction Management

Preparation and elaboration of the contracts with industrial suppliers and contractors.
Periodic and intensive monitoring of the construction site.
Control of the builders and industrial suppliers.
Quality and cost control.
Inspection of construction elements.

Final Certificate
Drawings As Built.


Authorities and official bodies consultations concerning plot encumbrance, urban conditions, constructability, urban compatibility, etc. Drafting projects and paperwork processing before official bodies for:
Opening, Widening, Transferring, etc., All kinds of industry.
Integral Landscape Impact Study and Environmental Sustainability Report.
Negotiation procedures with the State Administration and drafting of the documents for environmental legalization of existing or new facilities.
Legalization of installations with specific regulations: Electrical installation, HVAC, conditioning, fire protection, gas and storage.

Civil Works Projects

Sites and soils study.
Preliminary draft and economic evolution of the investment.
Design Phase and Design Development Phase.
Technical Description Memorandum
Measurements and evaluations of the project.
Calculations of structures and foundations.
Specification of technical and administrative conditions.
Comparative statement of tenders.
Writing base contracts for the works to be developed.
Planning projects and works.
Project health and safety study.

Installation Projects

Electricity (low and medium voltage).

HVAC (up to -70 C).
Fire Protection.
Plumbing, gas and sanitation.
Compressed Air.
Telecommunications Infrastructure (voice and data, industrial instrumentation, wireless systems and residential systems).
Specific Facilities: Storage of Chemicals (Flammable, corrosive, gas stations).

Construction Managment

Geotechnical studies Technical assistance.
Replanning and redrawing.
Adaptation of project to the worksite needs.
Construction execution control and plan.
Quality control (materials, installations, etc).
Budget control.
As Built drawings for civil works.
As Built drawings for installations.
As Built Drawings.
Facilities operation final Test.

Our Project Manager will assure your interests

The communication between the promoter or the property and the different technical teams involved in the project, is one of the pillars of any construction, therefore, from INFINIT VE, SL we take care of the PROJECT MANAGER in order to ensure good management and coordination in all phases of the project.
Another facet of the PROJECT MANAGER is to provide the necessary Technical Support to the promoter assuring good communication and transmission of information and needs. It also ensures the analysis of proposed solutions, and carries out strict control of the project Global Planning, as well as the coordination of the various professional teams involved in it.