Architecture and Engineering

Based on modular dynamics and work team, engineering can be adapted to the needs of each client. Depending on the nature of the project, or the phase of the project in which we must act, we lead, coordinate and execute your needs.

To make bespoke projects Infinit Value Engineering studies the needs of each customer and develops a customized project adapting existing solutions in the market.

Infinit Value Engineering, structures the projects in independent sectors. This way we can intervene at any stage, either in the Preliminary Draft, Schematic Design Phase, Design Development Phase or carrying out the entire project (Global Project). The Project Manager, who will coordinate, supervise and monitor all parties involved in the project, oversees all these stages.

Thanks to our ability to perform the Global Project, the benefits obtained by the customer are unbeatable. The main reason is that projects do not change hands and the response is maintained from start to finish.